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Why Drupal?

Author: Shikha Khandal

If you have been analyzing various blogs and trying to find out which content management system is the best then you might have seen the debates between WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. In this article also we are analyzing this and I will tell you why most customers have chosen Drupal.
(A CMS or a 'Content Management System' quite literally allows you to control and manage the content within your web site - without technical training.)
It is a platform for web content management among global enterprises, governments, higher education institutions, and NGOs. It is a web content management tool as well as a customizable platform. Drupal community is also becoming famous among budding bloggers as it is also a bogging platform.
Its client base forms companies such as Tesla, NBC, Arsenal, GRAMMYs, etc. The sites which Drupal manages are high traffic and heavy in creative aesthetic.
Drupal is a powerful solution that lets market…

Simple ways to boost your blog’s ranking.

Author : Shikha Khandal



1. Keep It Short
One essential way to make your blog attractive is by giving the crux of the total information in the start of the blog. This way the reader doesn’t have to scroll down and research have shown that scrolling down are not really favorable for readers.

2. Keep links to the minimum
The reason one must keep links to the minimum in a blog is primarily because of user experience. One doesn’t like having too many links in a single paragraph. It kills the momentum of reading. Another reason to keep links to a minimum is that it will help you achieve a better rank on Google search.

3. Create Hub pages
This is a very effective manner to simplify and direct the reader towards specific information. Creating Hub pages also increases clicks on long-forgotten older pages.

4. Title
Make your title compelling, attention-grabbing and triggering emotions. For example, you may write 15-2…

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tricks and Tips

Author: Shikha Khandal 
Digital marketing platform standardized by enhancing the quality of various SEO tactics by various tips and tricks that a digital marketer needs to know for the best digital services engagement. Top 5 best digital marketing tricks and tips : 

1. Connect social media metrics with ROI  Social media is a great competition for all the business competitors, social media engagement plays a vital role in promotional activities you are engaged socially more than the benefits you
earn. Social media users always seek creative elements for attracting a quick and organic
audience for their pages and accounts that may even engage themselves in promotional
activities by likes, comments, and shares of posts. Social media is even tragic as if some
important marketing tactics are very important to cleverly use PPC(Pay Per Click) to engage
the targeted audience for the targeted post and get in the benefit of investment back with
positive results. If you are new to social media you ma…

Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Blogs-2019

Author: Shikha Khandal 

Top 5 Best Digital Marketing Blog-2019
 Top 5 best ever informatic digital marketing blogs for the newbies with complete SEO practices and strategies:

1.MOZ Blog
Undoubtedly the best and most readable blog for all the SEO freaks to get the best and
new daily updates for new SEO and most amazing and effective SEO strategies that
are followed for the most effective results in inbound marketing as well as brief information for the
other SEO strategies like PPC, On-Page and Off-Page SEO, SMO tricks.
From tip to toe every bit information on a single platform where you can deepen your knowledge in order to integrate it into your marketing strategies.

2. Hubspot Hubspot works best with inbound strategies and linking for the best and relevant latest strategies of the Digi world. It is the best platform in order to get your inbound marketing skills polished professionally. Hubspot is known well as a content creator web. 

3. Convince & Convert A perfect stop for the lear…