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Amazon vsHotstarvsNetflixvs Apple – what to choose?Author: Shikha Khandal 
It was about time that tech giant Apple enters the increasingly popular online streaming platform industry. It has launched its flagship online streaming venture Apple TV+ on November 1st in India. The market is already crowded with several established platforms such as Netflix and Amazon and Hotstar with their own unique content on offer.
Content is the primary reason for subscribing to an on-demand video service. Even a single popular show on a platform can drive you to subscribe to a new service. We've all been there! Let us look at some of the online video service industry giants in the Indian market and the things they have to offer. Netflix Arguably Netflix is the initiator of this content-driven revolution which for the first time demanded the audience to pay in order to access the good original content.
 Guess how the audience responded, “about time”. Had it not been for the success of Netflix there…